Rescale Partners Program to Deliver Big Compute to Enterprise Customers

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Last week, Rescale announced the launch of its Powered by Rescale program with IBM as its first partner. Companies such as American Axle & Manufacturing and DENSO International America, Inc. work with Rescale to securely manage product innovation to be first to market. Partners in the Powered by Rescale program now have the ability to provide turnkey high performance computing in the cloud to their installations.

The convergence of major technologies such as simulation, machine learning, Internet of Things, HPC, and cloud has created a tremendous amount of complexity for vendors, making it difficult for them to successfully deploy their product and/or service in enterprise big compute environments,” says Tyler Smith, Head of Partnerships at Rescale. “With the Powered by Rescale program, partners can deliver their product and/or service to customers as part of an end-to-end solution under their brand. This allows partners in the simulation and HPC space to participate in net-new cloud business opportunities while maintaining focus on their core technology and competency.”

Powered by Rescale also provides pay-per-use metering and billing of software and hardware that can flow through the partner, as well as integrations with a partner’s billing and CRM system.

IBM is one of the first partners in the program and is collaborating with Rescale to provide a full-stack, HPC solution in the IBM Cloud for enterprises.

The rapidly increasing volume of data presents an opportunity for enterprises to adopt cloud for HPC workloads so they can efficiently and securely analyze, share and generate new business insights,” says Keri Olson, Director of HPC Offerings at IBM Cloud. “We are collaborating with Rescale to combine the power and global reach of IBM Cloud infrastructure with Rescale’s HPC management platform to provide a new integrated solution for large scale data simulations and modeling on the IBM Cloud.”

Companies seeking to deliver their simulation and HPC products and/or services in the cloud, or build a big compute cloud transformation practice, can immediately do so with a scalable delivery model as part of the Powered by Rescale program.

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