Video: Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Detroit, Xiaoming Liu from Michigan State University presents: Computer Vision for Autonomous Vehicles. MSU is a recognized leader in computer vision, radars and antenna design, high-assurance computing and related technologies, all areas that are at the core of self-driving vehicles.

At Michigan State University, researchers are involved in the work that will someday make self-driving vehicles not just a reality, but commonplace. Working as part of a project known as CANVAS – Connected and Autonomous Networked Vehicles for Active Safety – the scientists are focusing much of their energy on key areas, including recognition and tracking objects such as pedestrians or other vehicles; fusion of data captured by radars and cameras; localization, mapping and advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that allow an autonomous vehicle to maneuver in its environment; and computer software to control the vehicle.

Xiaoming Liu is an Associate Professor at in the Computer Vision Lab at Michigan State University. His research interests include: Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition, Image and Video Processing, Machine Learning, Human Computer Interface, Medical Image Analysis, and Multimedia Retrieval.

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