Video: EuroHPC and European HPC Strategy

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Detroit, Leonardo Flores from the European Commission presents: EuroHPC and European HPC Strategy.

EuroHPC is a joint collaboration between European countries and the European Union about developing and supporting exascale supercomputing by 2022/2023. The EuroHPC declaration, signed on March 23 2017 signed by 7 countries marked the beginning of EuroHPC. Meanwhile there are 21 countries that have joined EuroHPC. However it is not certain yet whether Cyprus will sign the EuroHPC JU from the start (News from 2018-05-01). Latvia  was the 21nd country  to commit to joining EuroHPC. Estonia was the 21nd to sign the declaration and the 22nd to commit. So now there are 22 countries committed to EuroHPC JU.

The next HPC User Forum takes place Oct. 1-2, 2018 in Stuttgart, Germany.

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