Penguin Computing Launches Ai Practice

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Phil Pokorny from Penguin Computing

Today Penguin Computing announced the formation of the Penguin Computing Artificial Intelligence Practice, a full service consultancy dedicated to working with organizations to achieve their AI goals.

The new AI Practice will be led by Penguin Computing Chief Technology Officer Philip Pokorny and will operate as a full-service consultancy, delivering system design expertise, building custom technology solutions, and providing professional services (including management and hosting of AI clusters) and advanced level support.

We’re finding that companies who have benefited from ML in the past, particularly in vertical markets, or who are experimenting with AI now, have the first essential element, well curated data sets,” said Pokorny. “However, expertise in building systems to extract and manage the data so that it’s easily accessible – especially at scale – is scarce. That’s where Penguin Computing comes in.”

Penguin Computing is launching this practice in response to increased customer demand for guidance and support on building and deploying AI and machine learning (ML) projects. With technology advancements making AI a more practical option to extract value from massive data sets, research from Goldman Sachs indicates that AI will become a $109 billion market by 2025 as an increasing number of senior technology officers move their organizations to this new computing paradigm.

Our customers typically get a highly consultative engagement with us,” said Penguin Computing Chief Executive Officer Tom Coull. “The AI space is still in its early stage, and many people need help with how to use AI, what technologies and products are the most effective, and how much it costs. To help customers understand what’s possible, we’ve augmented the AI Practice’s design phase consultations by sharing several diverse reference architectures that show all AI systems are not the same and can be built for a wide range of performance needs.”

Penguin Computing has already designed, built, managed, and supported many large AI systems, resulting in Penguin Computing being named Americas HPC Partner of the Year for 2017 by NVIDIA, an AI leader.

We’ve been working closely with the AI experts at Penguin Computing for the last few years and it’s great to see AI becoming an even stronger focus of the company’s efforts,” said Paresh Kharya, director of Accelerated Computing at NVIDIA. “Some of the AI systems Penguin Computing has already designed and built are in the top 20 of the Green 100, deployed by leading organizations. We expect to see even more innovation coming from the AI Practice in the future and look forward to being part of its success.”

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