Video: Bridging the Automated Vehicle Gap: Consumer Trust, Technology and Liability

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In this video from the HPC User Forum in Detroit, Kristin Kolodge from J.D. Power and Associates presents: Bridging the Automated Vehicle Gap: Consumer Trust, Technology and Liability.

Integrating customer insights with connected car data to provide original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with more accurate feedback from owners is the shared goal of J.D. Power, a global leader in consumer insights, data analytics and automotive advisory services, and HARMAN International, a leader in connected technologies including hardware, software, machine learning and services for automotive, consumer and enterprise markets.

With the rapid emergence of new technology in the automotive industry, understanding driver behavior and preferences within the vehicle is more crucial than ever for automakers. For 50 years, J.D. Power has been providing rich automotive consumer insights. Now, J.D. Power will work with HARMAN to go beyond measuring consumer insights to help automakers around the world better measure and understand how their evolving products are satisfying customer needs.

Kristin Kolodge is Executive Director of Driver Interaction and Human Machine Interface (HMI) at J.D. Power. She is responsible for developing a new HMI Practice at the company and monitoring customer insights, perceptions and behaviors of the consumers interacting with the technology in their vehicles and around them. Prior to joining J.D. Power in 2014, Ms. Kolodge was senior manager of HMI and ergonomics at Fiat Chrysler. She spent the majority of her 18 years at the company developing automotive features that enhance the customer interface by optimizing ergonomics, intuitiveness and usability. She led the development of the vehicle HMI process that integrated human factors, ergonomics and cognitive analysis into actionable design direction. She also served as senior manager of product investigations and campaigns responsible for conducting technical investigations on products related to vehicle safety and compliance and making recommendations regarding potential field campaign actions. Ms. Kolodge received a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Michigan Technological University and a master’s degree in engineering management from the University of Michigan.

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