Video: NVIDIA and Red Hat Simplify AI Development and Manageability

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In this video, Tony Paikeday from NVIDIA describes how the DGX-1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is transforming enterprise computing with the power of Machine Learning.

Developers are clamoring to infuse the power of AI into business operations, products and services. But their IT departments, faced with on-boarding and integrating these AI-centered workloads within their infrastructure, are more cautious. Red Hat and NVIDIA have a solution with the certification of the NVIDIA DGX-1 for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). The combination enables enterprises to easily plug in and power up the AI supercomputer that has become the essential tool for AI innovators and researchers everywhere. And they can do so with a familiar operating system. In fact, 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Red Hat Enterprise Linux in their operations.


Businesses using the DGX-1 can now choose the operating system that best meets their needs. That could be the Ubuntu-based DGX Server OS, which is a mainstay of developers. Or now it can include the option of installing enterprise-proven RHEL, with support from Red Hat, in combination with AI software support from NVIDIA.

With DGX-1 certified for RHEL, enterprises have a powerful combination that’s easily deployed and managed within their environments, without impacting AI developer productivity.

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