Appentra Auto-parallelization coming to Emerging Technologies Showcase at SC18

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Today HPC Startup Appentra Solutions announced the company’s plans to showcase its auto-parallelization technologies at the Emerging Technologies Showcase at SC18.

SC18 is the premier international conference for High Performance Computing, networking, storage, and analysis. Every year, the Emerging Technologies program at the SC conference, showcases innovative solutions, from industry, government laboratories and academia, that may significantly improve and extend the world of HPC in the next five to fifteen years.

Appentra’s newest product, Parallelware Analyzer, which will be launched at SC18, has been selected for its potential to speed-up the code parallelization process. A command-line reporting tool, Analyzer has been built on the strength of Appentra’s core Parallelware Technology, but designed to meet the needs of the expert HPC programmer. Analyzer aids the HPC code developer in collecting information about the source code on everything from the types of computation, to memory and control-flow perspectives, helping to minimise the time taken to understand how and where to parallelize code and what further code parallelization opportunities remain in code that already contains some parallelism.

Appentra will be showcasing Parallware Analyzer at the Emerging Technologies Showcase, booth #619 at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas. This follows the success of Appentra at SC16, where the first Parallelware product, Parallelware Trainer, was showcased as an Emerging Technology tool for it’s contribution to HPC teaching and education. This year we are delighted to be returning with Parallelware Training as part of the SC18 Startup Pavilion, booth #3869.

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