Intel Powers SuperMUC-NG Supercomputer at LRZ in Germany

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In this video from SC18 in Dallas, Dieter Kranzlmueller from LRZ in Germany describes how Intel powers the SuperMUC-NG supercomputer. The 19.4 Petaflop machine ranks number 8 among the fastest supercomputers in the world.

SuperMUC-NG is in its start-up phase, and will be ready for full production runs in 2019. The machine, build in partnership with Lenovo and Intel, has a theoretical peak of 26.9 petaflops, and is comprised of 6,400 compute nodes based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors. SuperMUC-NG also uses warm-water cooling to ensure that LRZ, long a thought-leader in sustainable supercomputing, minimizes the machine’s carbon footprint.”

The LRZ is the computer centre for Munich’s universities and for the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities. It supports ground-breaking research and teaching in a wide range of scientific disciplines by offering highly available, secure and energy-efficient services that make full use of cutting-edge IT technology. Today it is one of the foremost European computing centers of those serving the scientific, research, and academic communities.

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