nCorium Startup joins LANL’s Efficient Mission Centric Computing Consortium for Ultra-scale Efficiency

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The San Jose-based startup company nCorium has joined Los Alamos National Laboratory’s Efficient Mission Centric Computing Consortium (EMC3) in the quest for efficient, ultra-scale computing.

Los Alamos and nCorium are co-sponsoring, along with other partners in EMC3, components in a laboratory, at the Ultra-Scale Systems Research (USRC) center associated with EMC3, to explore and evaluate data acceleration methods and techniques for data moved to and from other machines and storage devices. nCorium’s acceleration capabilities to move data faster to and from other machines and storage devices could be a significant contributor to future efficient ultra-scale computing capabilities.

We are excited to be working with nCorium to explore moving data multiple times faster than current approaches while adding value to the data as it moves,” said Gary Grider, HPC Division Leader at Los Alamos. “The prospect of using far less data movement/storage nodes in our environment while providing more in-flight data manipulation is an important step towards the higher efficiencies that the EMC3 seeks.”

EMC3 investigates ultra-scale computing architectures, systems and environments that can achieve higher efficiencies in extreme scale mission centric computing. The primary focus is on the most demanding multi-physics applications involving largely unstructured/sparse problems that require a good balance of compute, memory size, memory bandwidth, network, I/O and fast and efficient storage capabilities. Key metrics will center around efficient usable operations per watt per dollar spent of programmer time.

EMC3’s mission of an ultra-efficient compute and storage infrastructure is very much in alignment with nCorium’s vision for next generation infrastructure. We are honored to join the consortium,” said Arvindh Lalam, CEO and Founder of nCorium. “We have found Gary and the Los Alamos team to be great technical partners and are thrilled to collaborate for the mission needs.”

In this consortium, HPC consumer organizations, researchers and system developers can collaborate together to attack this challenging problem of higher efficiency extreme scale, mission-centric computing. The HPC consumer base, along with national and international HPC component and system developers, are encouraged to join EMC3.

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