R Systems Powers Parallel Works in the Cloud at NAFEMS Engineering Event

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Today HPC Cloud provider R Systems announced plans to showcase its flexible High Performance Computing solutions at the annual NAFEMS (for engineering analysis & simulation in the automotive industry) conference Nov. 8, 2018 in Troy, Mich. Attendees can learn more about how automotive organizations are using new methods to access HPC resources such as cloud computing (public, private and hybrid) as well as dedicated and managed HPC resources and services by visiting the R Systems booth or by attending the IndyCar case study NAFEMS session.

We’re excited to show off some of the great work leading organizations like IndyCar are doing with R Systems and our partners like Parallel Works,” said R Systems Founding Principal Brian Kucic. “Across industry sectors, IT departments are seeking greater flexibility and choice in how they provide HPC services to their users, as well as a knowledgeable partner who can reduce risk associated with complex HPC issues, which represent some of the benefits R Systems provides.”

R Systems has provided HPC resources and services to the automotive and motorsports industries for years and has a deep knowledge of how to achieve the highest performance from the most popular computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and finite element analysis (FEA) applications. The company offers choice of dedicated or utility access to HPC-specific computing hardware through its multiple datacenters, as well as HPC expertise and services, all designed to help customers achieve breakthrough results faster. Through this unique offering, R Systems allows organizations to reduce or remove many of the burdens and risks associated with HPC such as limited budgets for new computing hardware (capital expenditures), as well as the challenges of finding IT staff with HPC expertise.

The IndyCar case study highlights R Systems’ partnership with Parallel Works to simplify, democratize, and scale up advanced HPC optimization workflow automation. Parallel Works, Inc., an R Systems partner, provides a productive and highly scalable workflow automation platform. Its SaaS solution enables easy use of hybrid,elastic bare-metal and cloud resources and powerful integrations with design exploration, optimization and visualization frameworks.

R Systems has provided HPC resources and services to IndyCar for more than a year. For the specific case study that will be featured at the NAFEMS event, R Systems partnered with Parallel Works, a hybrid-cloud HPC workflow automation company. IndyCar’s adoption of modeling and simulation has been instrumental in improving race speed, safety and entertainment. The case study focuses on recent HPC work to leverage improvements in aerodynamics to reduce vehicle drag and increase speed, while balancing competition between leading and trailing vehicles. IndyCar is pioneering new methods to enable more exhaustive modeling, near-real-time predictions of outputs and ultimately, driver-in-the-loop simulators whereby vehicle changes can be physically tested far before an aerodynamic kit is specified. Parallel Works enables IndyCar to explore a vast design space efficiently by making it easy to “snap in” powerful optimization tools like Dakota from Sandia National Laboratory into an HPC design study.

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