Univa and WekaIO team to speed HPC Workloads in the Cloud

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Last week at SC18 in Dallas, Univa announced a partnership with WekaIO, a high-performance scale-out file system storage company, to help enterprise customers accelerate the migration of their HPC workloads to the cloud.

Univa is working with WekaIO to integrate one of the industry’s fastest parallel file systems into its Navops Launch and offer customers a comprehensive, high-performance, hybrid cloud solution for HPC and machine learning workloads.

There continues to be an increasing trend within IT and research organizations to migrate workloads to the cloud in order to accommodate the demands of today’s high-performance applications. With this in mind, Univa’s innovative workload management and optimization solutions, Navops Launch and Grid Engine, are uniquely suited for industries such as life sciences, manufacturing, and AI/analytics that require the highest level of performance to support data-intensive and performance-hungry applications. Accelerating machine learning projects through the elimination of storage bottlenecks is of high interest to enterprises , and this collaboration will allow WekaIO’s high-speed scale-out file storage technology to support computational needs that help users advance machine learning projects into production.

Our flash-native, parallel file system scales to deliver all of the required bandwidth to the most demanding applications,” said Liran Zvibel, co-founder and CEO at WekaIO. “Univa has deep expertise as an HPC cloud leader that interacts with hundreds of companies, and we look forward to helping them migrate their customers’ HPC workloads to the cloud. In tandem with Univa, we will offer life sciences research organizations and enterprise users highly-accelerated storage capabilities that can help eliminate the concern for performance bottlenecks as they look to radically increase their computing power and bandwidth within their HPC and ML environments.”

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