Women in HPC to host Networking and Careers Event at SC18

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The Women in HPC organization will host a Networking and Careers Reception at SC18 on November 13 in Dallas.

Join the Women In High Performance Computing members as we celebrate a growing community of women and their supporters in the supercomputing community! We invite you to join us for a special networking evening with appetizers and drinks. We celebrate the work done by WHPC, and to meet members, founders, advocates, and supporters. Our evening and lunch events have a reputation for being unlike any other HPC party you will attend, with a supportive and exciting networking atmosphere.

Through collaboration and networking, WHPC strives to bring together women in HPC and technical computing while encouraging women to engage in outreach activities and improve the visibility of inspirational role models.

Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) began with a question – “Why are there not more women in Hig Performance Computing?” This led to a mission to find the answer. On our journey we discovered that by bringing the HPC community together, we could provide research that would raise awareness, support to organizations and women based on what we learned, and opportunities for women to network, learn, and become strong!

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