XTREME-D Launches HPC as a Service at SC18

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In this video from SC18, Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D describes the company’s innovative solutions for deploying and managing HPC clouds. In a surprise announcement, the company is also launching an HPC-as-a-Service offering in Japan this year and the USA sometime next year maybe.

Customers can use our easy-to-deploy turnkey HPC cluster system on public cloud, including setup of HPC middleware (OpenHPC-based packages), configuration of SLURM, OpenMPI, and OSS HPC applications such as OpenFOAM. The user can start the HPC cluster (submitting jobs) within 10 minutes on the public cloud. Our team is a technical startup for focusing HPC cloud technology. Our team has the optimal skill set for HPC architecture, public cloud architecture, rapid development of web applications for HPC, and Data Analytics for developing automated HPC architectural services.”

At SC18, the company also showcased XTREME-Stargate HPC Gateway, a small set-top linux appliance that can easily connect to HPC cloud with basic setup over a web portal using the XTREME-DNA interface. It functions as a “super head node” for HPC cloud clusters, providing access to on-premise, private, and public cloud without integration headaches, and allowing connections to baremetal cloud (either shared or dedicated), in addition to the public cloud vendors such as Azure and AWS that have always been accessible via XTREME-DNA.

With XTREME-Stargate, users always have access to the most current infrastructure and environments, featuring all major HPC hardware vendors,” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D. “Stargate offers support for containers as well as GPU, FPGA, NVMe, and other HPC accelerators.”

In this Japanese version of the interview, Naoki Shibata from XTREME-D describes how the company helps you deploy and manage HPC clouds.

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