Video: Lenovo Leads the TOP500 with Innovative HPC Cooling Technologies

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Scott Tease is Executive Director of HPC and AI at Lenovo.

In this video from SC18 in Dallas, Scott Tease from Lenovo describes how the company is leading the TOP500 with innovative HPC cooling technologies.

It takes courage to stand up and take on the world’s problems, unafraid to take a bold step and change the world for the better. At Lenovo, we believe that HPC technology is playing a crucial part in getting on top of some big issues, such as understanding climate change, curing deadly diseases, or taming the complexities of genetics and genomics. We’re proud that our technology can play that vital supporting role. Declared a market leader in HPC by Top500 in 2018, Lenovo is fiercely committed to building HPC solutions that will help humanity’s brightest stars to shine even brighter, shedding light on a safer, more sustainable future for us all.”

The 2.89 Petaflop SuperMUC system at LRZ in Germany

At #8 on the TOP500, the Lenovo-built, hot-water cooled SuperMUC system at the LRZ in Germany is one of the most power efficient supercomputers on the planet. With more than 241,000 cores and a combined peak performance of the two installation phases of more than 6.8 Petaflops.

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