Video: Overview of DDN’s Accelerated, Any-Scale AI

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In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Kurt Kuckein from DataDirect Networks presents an overview of DDN A3i: (Accelerated, Any-Scale AI).

Engineered from the ground up for the AI-enabled data center, DDN A³I solutions are fully-optimized to accelerate AI applications and streamline DL workflows for greatest productivity. DDN A³I solutions make AI-powered innovation easy, with faster performance, effortless scale, and simplified operations—all backed by the data at scale experts.

DDN A³I solutions are optimized for achieving maximum GPU productivity, and packaged for easy deployment and management. The DDN A³I Solutions Guide provides detailed technical information, including scalable reference architectures designed and validated by DDN in close collaboration with NVIDIA and HPE. DDN A³I solutions are fully-optimized to deliver massive performance acceleration to applications. The DDN shared parallel architecture fully saturates GPUs and ensures all efforts go towards productive AI use.

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