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Video: Speeding HPC Administration with HPE Performance Cluster Manager

In this video from SC18, Leslie Tung describes the advantages of HPE Performance Cluster Manager. HPE Performance Cluster Manager is HPE’s first fully integrated system management software for all Linux-based HPE HPC systems offering all functionalities customers need to manage their clusters on everyday basis, including:

  • Fast system setup
  • Provision thousands of cluster nodes in less than an hour
  • Add new hardware does not require system shutdowns

HPE Performance Cluster Manager is our way to make sure the systems stay resilient and stay up and in production.”

HPE offers customers not just an impressive line-up of compute hardware, but a complete portfolio of solutions to fit all your needs: servers, networking, storage, services as well as software solutions to accommodate wide variety of requirements – for both traditional HPC as well as emerging workloads such as AI. One of the key challenges HPC customers have been facing is managing often very complex ever-growing cluster systems.

HPE Performance Cluster Manager offers the answer to this problem:

  • Hardware management: Fine-grained centralized monitoring and management of all aspects of your cluster hardware – CPUs (such as Intel Xeon processors), memory, accelerators, cooling, networking (including performance and management of Intel Omni-Path fabric).
  • Image Management and Software Updates: Securely provision any software image on all or select cluster nodes to accommodate different requirements.
  • Power Management: Collect and analyze power metrics for all hardware for better capacity planning and resource allocation.
    ISV & Open Source Software Integration: Integration with ISV and Open Source workload management and orchestration tools, system management tools for more ease of use.

HPE Performance Cluster was first introduced in June 2018 and replaces two legacy system management solutions: HPE SGI Management Suite (formerly also SGI Management Suite) and HPE Insight Management Utility (CMU). HPE Performance Cluster Manager 1.1. was released at the beginning of December 2018 offering several enhancements, such as support for HPE’s latest hardware and integration with more 3rd party software tools such as ELK elastic search to name a few.

By using HPE Performance Cluster Manager, customers are able to reduce the time and resources spent administering their HPC systems which means they can lower total cost of ownership, increase productivity and achieve better return on their HPE hardware investments.

To learn more, visit the HPE Performance Cluster Manager website, software video demonstration and Features-at-a-glance schematics.

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