Agenda Posted: April HPC User Forum in Santa Fe

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Steve Conway and Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research

Hyperion Research has posted the Speaker Agenda for the HPC User Forum. Registration is now open for the event, which takes place April 1-3 in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

The HPC User Forum was established in 1999 to promote the health of the global HPC industry and address issues of common concern to users. The organization has grown to 150 members. It is directed by a volunteer Steering Committee of users from government, industry and academia, and operated for the users. We hold two full-membership meetings a year in the United States, and also hold two meetings annually in international locations.

Key topics will include updates from senior officials on America’s Exascale Computing Project, Japan and the EuroHPC exascale initiative, along with using clouds for HPC workloads, metadata and archiving, STEM education, HPDA-AI, and quantum computing.

Speakers include:

  • Leonardo Flores, European Commission
  • Mike Heroux, Sandia (ECP software)
  • Daniel Jacobson, ORNL (Gordon Bell Prize Winner)
    Prabhat, NERSC
  • Wayne Joubert, ORNL (Gordon Bell Prize Winner)
  • David Wolpert, Santa Fe Institute (keynote)
  • Gary Grider, LAN
  • Scott Rife, Library of Congress
  • Jeff Shilling, National Cancer Institute
  • Terrell Russell, RENCI (iRODS)
  • Henry Newman, Seagate
  • Kirill Malkin, HPE
  • Frank Lee, IBM
  • Kelly Gaither, TACC
  • Kevin Newmeyer, DOD HPCMP
  • Rupak Biswas, NASA
  • Steve Conway, Hyperion research
  • Travis Humble, ORNL
  • Wolfgang Gentzsch, UberCloud
  • Alex Norton, Hyperion Research

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