Apply Now for the ISC 2019 Travel Grant

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From left, Raksha Roy from Nepal, Elizabeth Leake from STEM-Trek, and Badisa Mosesane from Batswana celebrate the ISC 2018 Travel Grant.

Students and Young Researchers are encouraged to apply for the ISC Travel Grant program. It’s a great way for HPC folks to get to the ISC High Performance conference, which takes place June 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany.

Each year, the evaluation committee selects two individuals – a young researcher and a student – to receive the 2019 ISC Travel Grant. The organizers, ISC Group will also provide the grant recipients free registration for the entire conference, including the tutorials and workshops. As an added bonus, Dr. Julian Kunkel, of University of Reading, will mentor the selected grant recipients helping them get the most out of the conference by suggesting relevant program sessions and introducing them to experts in their research field.

Who is Eligible to Apply?

  • The applicant must be at least 21 years of age and be either currently enrolled in a university degree program or employed at a research facility.
  • If enrolled as a student, the applicant must show a keen interest in acquiring knowledge in computational or data science, and if a researcher, they must be in strong need of HPC skills to solve problems across a wide variety of compute-intense or data-intensive disciplines.
  • The applicant cannot have received any past travel funding from ISC High Performance.

The applicant must explain, in an English essay of 350 to 450 words, how this experience will benefit them and how they intend to pay it forward. Candidates who have traveled extensively and gained a lot of international experience should reflect critically about how ISC High Performance will help them professionally. ISC Group intends to support applicants who will benefit the most from this opportunity.

Applications are due February 15, 2019.

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