Intel becomes First Corporate Champion for Women in HPC

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Today the Women in High Performance Computing (WHPC) organization announced that Intel Corporation has become its first Corporate Champion. WHPC’s mission is to promote best practices in workforce diversity and inclusion in HPC through education, outreach, training, and research.

Women represent less than 15% of the HPC sector; it is essential that we continue to work at the grassroots level and globally to grow the HPC talent pool and benefit from the diversity of talented women and other under-represented groups,” said Dr. Toni Collis, Chair and Founder of WHPC and Chief Business Development Officer at Appentra Solutions. “With support from Intel, we can begin focusing on global programs and initiatives that can accelerate our goals and amplify our impact.”

Intel’s support launches the WHPC Corporate Champions program. Its aim is to build a foundation for a sustainable WHPC program and support the WHPC mission.

Intel understands the importance of diversity and inclusion in the development of high performance computing solutions” said Trish Damkroger, Vice President and General Manager, Intel’s Data Center Group. “Since WHPC’s inception, Intel has actively supported the organization’s goals and has partnered with the HPC ecosystem to increase participation of under-represented groups — women and those with diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds — in computational and data science programs.”

“WHPC programs are evidence-based and deliver results,” said Kelly Nolan, Founder of and Co-Chair and Business Development Lead for WHPC. “From creating platforms for early career women seeking new positions, to training allies on best practices, to supporting a global and growing network of expert and professional women in the sector, Intel’s support is the first of hopefully many corporations making a commitment to supporting women in HPC.”

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