Quobyte Partners with EUROstor to Deliver Scale-Out NAS Solutions

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Today Quobyte announced a partnership with EUROstor to expand the reach of its next-generation file system throughout the German, Austrian and Swiss marketplace to customers seeking scale-out NAS solutions for enterprise application workloads.

With scale-out NAS solutions becoming increasingly important within our market, Quobyte is an exciting expansion of our storage product portfolio,” said Wolfgang Bauer, technical director of EUROstor. “With Quobyte’s flexibility, scalability and high performance, we can easily deliver storage solutions that are purpose-built to satisfy our customers’ needs. We trust there are a lot more interesting projects to come.”

Quobyte selected EUROstor for its history and expertise in understanding the needs of customers’ infrastructure and workloads and for its ability to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of data-driven workloads. With EUROstor’s extensive experience selling server-based storage, the Quobyte Data Center File System’s high performance, scalability, flexibility and operational efficiency is ideally suited to be part of the company’s comprehensive product portfolio.

With Quobyte, EUROstor will be looking to participate in projects like CyberValley, a new center for Artificial Intelligence research that is bringing together key international players from science and industry to boost intelligent systems research and development. CyberValley will create an ecosystem for technology transfer and will offer the ideal environments for startups in the fields of AI, machine learning, robotics and computer vision.

Quobyte’s Data Center File System provides a massively scalable and fault-tolerant storage infrastructure. It decouples and abstracts commodity hardware to deliver low-latency and parallel throughput for the substantial requirements of cloud services and apps, the elasticity and agility to scale to thousands of servers, and to grow to hundreds of petabytes with little to no added administrative burden. With Quobyte, databases, scale-out applications, containers, even big data analytics can run on one single infrastructure.

The industry is beginning to recognize that scale-out NAS, based on a scalable file system, is the best approach to keep up with and manage the requirements of petabyte-class workloads and beyond,” said Björn Kolbeck, Quobyte co-founder and CEO. “Partnering with companies like EUROstor to support our growth throughout Europe in general and for projects like CyberValley specifically, we are well positioned to satisfy this increasing demand through a scalable, modern storage approach.”

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