R Systems brings HPC Cloud to SUPERNAP in Las Vegas

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Today R Systems announced the expansion of its data center and infrastructure capabilities HPC managed services into Switch’s Core Campus in Las Vegas.

Including Switch data centers as part of the offering for R Systems enables us to continue growing with our customers. Since 2005 R Systems has focused exclusively on HPC, which has enabled us to build expertise about the applications, computing, networking and storage technologies that are unique to HPC,” said R Systems Principal Brian Kucic.

R Systems’ customers will benefit from having access to Switch’s industry-leading colocation data center facilities, enabling all compute resources to be isolated within Switch’s highly secure environment. The R Systems HPC managed services can extend HPC workloads on network, virtually eliminating security concerns, data transfer fees, and managing additional compute.

The offering expands the solutions for HPC, the practice of leveraging large computing resources to run advanced simulation, modeling and analysis software. Managing and supporting HPC customers requires specialty knowledge and expertise, which will be serviced by R Systems, a provider of customized and supported cloud HPC resources and services.

Switch’s SUPERNAP data center in Las Vegas

Data security and expensive data transfer costs are some of the top concerns that organizations have with running HPC workloads in the cloud, which this service addresses. By bringing HPC into the Switch technology ecosystem, customers benefit by keeping their data all within one highly-secure environment and removing the need for data transfers.

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