Slidecast: Novel Therm Powers HPC as a Service with Geothermal Energy

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Greg Stewart from Novel Therm

In this slidecast, Greg Stewart from Novel Therm describes how the company provides HPC As a Service using geothermal energy. As a wholesale provider of Geothermal HPC Data Centers, Novel Therm is a truly renewable energy source option for your HPC data center.

Building a HPC data center? You’ve come to the right place. Tell us what you need and we will create a fixed price, wholesale, green energy solution for your data center needs. We will save you money and time while saving the planet. Low Impact Geothermal Energy Is At The Core Of What We Do. Providing The Lowest Cost Solution For HPC Is What We Do Best.

Advantages of the Novel Therm:

  • Unstable Renewal Energy (Solar/Wind). Solar and Wind resources inherently vary with the weather and time of day. Therefore, to meet the consistent power demands of a data center, they require an expensive intermediary – either the power grid with all of its frailties and pollution or an expensive power storage system.
  • Stable Renewal Energy (Geothermal). Geothermal power on the other hand, is inherently consistent. It easily matches a data centers’ load profile and eliminates the need for power grid connection or expensive battery banks. We bore small 8-12” holes in the earth and pump hot water directly into our heat engine to generate electricity 24/7!
  • Where We Do It. Novel Therm’s modified sterling engine has the unique ability to utilize 160-200 degree Fahrenheit water. This allows us to utilize low-temp geothermal locations, tap into less costly shallow wells and requires much less cooling to produce electricity.

Greg Stewart has enjoyed a 30-year career in commercial real estate development, as a partner or sole proprietor in three companies.  His duties and endeavors included project procurement, entitlement processing, debt and equity placement, and project marketing. In 2008 Mr. Stewart became concerned about global climate issues and began R&D efforts to enhance solar power supply chain and efficiency issues.  From there, his efforts in renewable energy introduced him to the great potential of geothermal energy production.  As a co-founder of Novel Therm, Mr. Stewart brings a great wealth of experience and accomplishment to the goals of this new venture.

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