Video: Accelerating Science & Impacting the Real World

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Thomas Anthony from the University of Alabama

In this video from DDN booth at SC18, Thomas Anthony from the University of Alabama presents: Computing – Accelerating Science & Impacting the Real World.

As the cornerstone service of ASA’s charter, we provide High Performance Computing services free of charge to faculty, staff, and enrolled students of public schools, colleges, and universities in Alabama. This allows universities to create a trained workforce with the skills needed for jobs in engineering, science, mathematics, aerospace, and medical research fields. For others outside of education that are interested in using our HPC resources, access to the HPC systems can be purchased at rates that are competitive with other well-supported HPC facilities.

Thomas Anthony is a graduate of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering who is currently on staff in the Research Computing Department. In his role as director of the Big Data Research and Analytics Laboratory, he facilitates data-driven research in a variety of areas, including Parkinson’s disease, autism, and concussions.

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