Video: Scale-out AI Training on Massive Core Systems from HPC to Fabric-based SOC

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Fu Li is the president of Quantum Cloud.

In this video from Arm HPC Asia 2019, Fu Li from Quantum Cloud presents: Scale out AI Training on Massive Core System from HPC to Fabric based SOC.

The purpose of these workshops has been to bring together the leading Arm vendors, end users and open source development community to discuss the latest products, developments and open source software support in HPC on Arm.

The upcoming workshop will look at how the Arm-powered supercomputing future will look like and how we can prepare for it. Key topics to be covered include:

  • HPC and AI convergence and how it is accelerating AI/deep learning to a new level.
  • Data Science and its significance for efficiently transferring big data to AI engines
  • Heterogeneous computing – Why HPC on Arm provides the perfect platform to develop differentiated features

Fu Li is the president of Quantum Cloud. By leveraging future networking architecture and high-performance computing technologies, Quantum Cloud is able to bring together the world’s most advanced cloud computing, virtualization and Big Data technology to offer users across multiple industry verticals complete networking architecture, cloud computing, data center and Big Data system solutions. Quantum Cloud is committed to developing high-performance, scalable, deployable, secure and reliable multifaceted cloud service products. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company now has branch offices across central and southern China as well as Silicon Valley.

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