EGI Federation Reaches 1,000,000 Cores

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Today the European EGI Federation announced that it has reached 1,000,000 million cores of high-throughput compute capacity for research. Headquartered in the Netherlands, EGI is a federation of almost 300 data centers worldwide and 21 cloud providers united by a mission to support research activities at all scales, from individuals to small research groups and large collaborations.

I’ve been monitoring the numbers for a long time and I’ve been looking forward to this day,” said Alessandro Paolini, Operations Officer at the EGI Foundation. “Then in January 2019 it was really nice to see this number coming up. 1 million cores stand for EGI’s greatness in delivering excellent services for research and I think this is an outstanding breakthrough.”

As described in their compendium of case studies, EGI is also committed to supporting business and innovation.

Since its establishment in 2010, the EGI e-infrastructure has been delivering unprecedented data analysis capabilities to more than tens of thousands of researchers from over hundreds virtual organizations covering many scientific disciplines. This publication showcases their work and highlights the diversity of EGI-supported science.

In March 2017, EGI became the first European-wide publicly-funded e-infrastructure to be certified to ISO standards, a sign of our dedication to continuously improve our service offering. The scientists relying on EGI services work in large international organizations, in research infrastructures, projects, university labs, or as individual researchers.

Today, EGI provides both technical and human services, from integrated and secure distributed high-throughput computing and cloud computing, storage and data resources to consultancy, support and co-development.

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