Podcast: How Intel powers Dell EMC Ready Solutions for Ai

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Adnan Khaleel from Dell EMC

In this Intel podcast, Adnan Khaleel describes how Dell EMC is making enterprise AI implementation fast and easy with its Dell EMC Ready Solutions for AI. Adnan also illustrates how Dell EMC Ready Solutions are well suited for many different industries including financial services, insurance, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Leveraging the power and potential of artificial intelligence (AI) deployments can be a top priority for many enterprises today. Yet, deploying and managing AI workloads can be incredibly complex and require extensive integration and testing. Dell EMC Ready Solutions for machine learning (ML) are built on a foundation of Intel Xeon processors to drive the fast and extensive AI insights for enterprises today and help to reduce the time it takes to implement a new AI solution.

Adnan Khaleel is a seasoned business development professional with over 20 years of experience in high performance computing and machine learning who currently leads Global HPC Sales Strategy at Dell EMC, focusing on HPC and Ai. Adnan often works closely with customers to help them choose optimal solutions and architectures. Prior to Dell EMC, Adnan held roles at Cray, Newisys, HaL Computer Systems and Motorola, where he focused on Super-Scalar processors architecture, high-speed computer networks and massively scalable systems design. He has also published several papers on computer networks and holds a U.S. patent on multiprocessor technologies.

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