Singularity: Container Workflows for Compute

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Greg Kurtzer is the CEO and founder of Sylabs Inc.

In this video from the 2019 Stanford HPC Conference, Gregory M. Kurtzer from Sylabs Inc presents: Singularity – Container workflows for compute.

Singularity is a widely adopted container technology specifically designed for compute-based workflows making application and environment reproducibility, portability and security a reality for HPC and AI researchers and resources. Here we will describe a high-level overview of Singularity and demonstrate how to integrate Singularity containers into existing application and resource workflows as well as describe some new trending models that we have been seeing.”

Gregory M. Kurtzer is the CEO and founder of Sylabs Inc., the company behind the open source container project Singularity. Sylabs caters to the needs of various compute-based workflows like traditional simulation, data science, real time analytics, and AI use-cases. Previously, Greg has spent most of his career enabling massive scale compute focused use cases where he created and led various open source projects along that mission, including the Warewulf cluster management toolkit, CentOS Linux, and most recently, the container system Singularity.

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