Video: Atos Olympe Supercomputer Powers Research at CALMIP

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Today Atos announced the deployment of a BullSequana X1000 supercomputer at CALMIP, one of the biggest multi-scale inter-university supercomputing centers in France. Called Olympe, the supercomputer will be used for over 200 research projects in materials, fluid mechanics, universe sciences and chemistry.

We are very proud” said Agnès Boudot, Senior Vice President HPC & Quantum at Atos “to provide Calmip with this supercomputer designed with the latest technologies and to offer a reliable, high-performance tool to researchers and scientists to support their research and innovation projects.”

The BullSequana has already enabled CALMIP to achieve two major challenges – one related to the manufacturing of plastic with a world-first result in terms of calculating precision, and the other on oceanography, and more specifically on the ocean circulation in the Mediterranean Basin.

The supercomputer has a peak performance of 1,3 petaflop/s bringing 5 times more computing and processing power than that of the previous supercomputer, for the same energy consumption.

Installed at the Espace Clément Ader in the heart of the Toulouse Aérospace Innovation Campus site, the new supercomputer ensures that Toulouse remains one of the most efficient university computing centers in France.

For the next 4 years, this new Olympe machine should allow our traditional HPC users to be more ambitious in the complexity of the research they undertake,”, said Jean-Luc Estivalèzes, CALMIP Director. “It will also make it possible to broaden the opening towards new themes such as Life Sciences or Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, thanks in particular to its latest generation accelerator cards.”

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