Video: Frontiers of AI Deployments in HPC on Arm

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From left: Satoshi Matsuoka, Luba Tankg, and Pak Lui

In this video from Arm HPC Asia 2019, Elsie Wahlig leads a panel discussion on Frontiers of AI deployments in HPC on Arm.

Topics at the workshop covered all aspects of the Arm server ecosystem, from chip design, hardware, software architecture and standardization to performance tuning, and applications in biology, medicine, meteorology, astronomy, geography etc. It is exciting to see that Arm servers are being used in so many areas, contributing significantly to the global economy. The participants and guest speakers included world leading experts from RIKEN (Japan), HTFC Hartree center (UK), and the HPC center of Shanghai Jiaotong University (China). Industry leaders from Arm, Linaro, Huawei, Fujitsu, Phytium, Gigabyte, HPC Systems Inc., Skymizer, and Quantum Cloud covered everything from chip design to software architecture, system integration, AI and cloud applications. Linaro experts flew from Europe and the US to Guangzhou and shared updates on progress in the Arm HPC ecosystem collaboration, and put forward their research and insights in AI on HPC.


  • Satoshi Matsuoka, RIKEN
  • Pak Lui, Huawei
  • Luba Tang, Skymizer

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