Video: The State of Quantum Computing in 2019

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In this video from the IBM Think conference, Anthony J. Annunziata leads a panel discussion on the State of Quantum Computing in 2019.

Since launching the world’s first quantum cloud service in 2016, IBM has been at the forefront of advancing the quantum industry and making this exciting technology accessible to organizations worldwide. Get a firsthand update from two of IBM’s quantum executives on how this area is rapidly moving forward and what’s next on the horizon.


  • Andreas Hintennach, Group Research Electrochemistry, Mercedes-Benz Research & Development, Daimler AG
  • Douglas Kushnerick, Technology scouting and ventures, ExxonMobil Research and Engineering
  • Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Theoretical quantum physicist and programmer with JP Morgan Chase

IBM Q is an industry first initiative to build universal quantum computers for business and science. Our cross-disciplinary team is developing scalable quantum systems, and potential applications for the technology we make available today. IBM Q quantum devices are accessed using Qiskit, a modular, open-source programming framework. A worldwide network of Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and startups use IBM Q technology and collaborate with IBM Research to advance quantum computing.

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