Agenda Posted for Dell EMC Community Event in Austin

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The Dell EMC Community Meeting has published their preliminary speaker agenda. The event takes place March 25-27 in Austin, Texas.

The Dell HPC Community is a worldwide technical forum that facilitates the exchange of ideas among researchers, computer scientists, executives, developers, and engineers and promotes the advancement of innovative, powerful HPC solutions. The vision of the Dell HPC Community is to foster sustained discussions among experts that lead to the design, deployment, operation, and usage of the most effective HPC solutions. Members share expertise, insights, observations, suggestions, and experiences to improve current HPC solutions and to influence future technology capabilities & impact. Members work together to help advance the industry, enable end users’ impact, and help in the design, delivery, and deployment of new technologies.

This March event will focus on the shared challenges of developing and using HPC systems through a combination of presentations, discussions, and networking sessions with HPC leaders. Members will be able to take advantage of opportunities for 1×1 meetings with Dell EMC executives and technical staff.

Speakers include:

  • Thierry Pellegrino, Dell EMC
  • Dan Stanzione, TACC
  • Trish Damkroger, ​Intel
  • Brendan McGinty, NCSA
  • Thomas Anthony, University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Michael Bauer, ​SyLabs
  • Tino Belli, INDYCAR
  • ​Jay Boisseau, Dell EMC
  • Onur Celebioglu, Dell EMC
  • ​Antonio Cisternino, University of Pisa
  • Nick Curcuru, ​MasterCard
  • Marc Hamilton, NVIDIA
  • Frank Herold, ​ThinkParQ
  • Chris A Jones, Dell EMC
  • Alasdair King, ​University of Cambridge​
  • Gilad Shainer, Mellanox
  • Matthew Shaxted, Parallel Works
  • Josh Simons, VMware
  • Ashwin Srinath, ​Clemson University
  • Stig Telfer, ​StackHPC Ltd
  • Rick Watkins, Altair

Goals of the Community:

  • Communicate Dell’s HPC strategy and technology directions
  • Gather feedback and input from the HPC community
  • Share best practices, tips, and techniques on the use of various HPC technologies
  • Enable collaboration among other customers, Dell, and its technology partners to develop and evolve HPC solutions
  • Help drive the strategic direction of the Dell HPC ecosystem
  • Discover innovative strategies, products, and solutions
  • Expose issues and limitations of HPC solutions

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