InfiniBand: To HDR and Beyond

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Ariel Almog from Mellanox

In this video from the 2019 OpenFabrics Workshop in Austin, Ariel Almog from Mellanox presents: To HDR and Beyond.

Recently, deployment of 50 Gbps per lane (HDR) speed started and 100 Gbps per lane (EDR) which is a future technology is around the corner. These technologies exposing various new physical interfaces for copper and optical interfaces and type of transceiver like SFP-DD. Supporting these speeds also toughen the task to get low BER (Bit Error Rate) through FEC (Forward Error Correction) algorithm. The high bandwidth might cause the NIC PCIe interface to become a bottle neck as PCIe gen3 can handle up to single 100 Gbps interface over 16 lanes and PCIe gen4 can handle up to single 200 Gbps interface over 16 lanes. In addition, since the host might have dual CPU sockets, Socket direct technology, provides direct PCIe access to dual CPU sockets, eliminates the need for network traffic to go over the inter-process bus and allows better utilization of PCIe, thus optimizing overall system performance.

Ariel Almog is a Staff Software Architect at Mellanox. He holds a number of software patents.

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