Job of the Week: HPC Specialist in Software Development at DKRZ

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The German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ) is seeking and HPC and Specialist in Software Development in our Job of the Week.

The German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ) is the central data processing facility for the German climate and Earth system modelling community and is one of the leading facilities in this area. DKRZ operates supercomputers in the highest performance class, modern graphics systems as well as one of the largest data and archive systems worldwide. DKRZ participates in many national and international projects aiming to improve the infrastructure for climate modeling. A central task of the DKRZ is to receive and resolve user requests for the high-performance computer resources and services. At the same time, the services offered in the area of software development are constantly being further developed and adapted to the needs of the users. In this area we are looking for reinforcement.

Your duties:

  • Together with the colleagues of the team, you receive inquiries from users and, in dialogue with the inquiring scientists, collect all the information required for the solution. You analyze problems and error messages and solve them either independently or consult other HPC specialists and system administrators.
  • In addition, you work on the service portfolio of the DKRZ in the field of software development tools. You will further develop user-centric tools such as version control systems and automated build/run environments. The accompanying documentation and training of the users is also part of your area of responsibility.
  • DKRZ is involved in numerous national and international projects in the field of high-performance computing for climate and weather research. In addition to the direct user support, depending on your interest and ability, you will also be able to participate in this development work.
  • You will work on and discuss your tasks within the team and the scientific environment of the DKRZ, but you will also have time to immerse yourself in the complex issues and to develop new approaches.

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