LANL Upgrades to D-Wave 2000Q Quantum Computer

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Today D-Wave Systems announced that Los Alamos National Laboratory has upgraded their D-Wave quantum computer to the D-Wave 2000Q system. Los Alamos is investing in D-Wave quantum technology to expand its foundational quantum computing research, enabling exploration of new and diverse quantum computing applications.

We are pleased that the Department of Energy’s National Nuclear Security Administration Advanced Simulation and Computing program funded the upgrade of the D-Wave system, allowing us to continue to explore quantum simulation and algorithms at larger scales,” said Irene Qualters, associate laboratory director for Simulation and Computation at Los Alamos National Laboratory. “D-Wave has been a valued strategic partner in Los Alamos’ pursuit of a new technology that is part of the expanding heterogeneous landscape of computing. Such strong partnerships aid the Laboratory and DOE in the development of the nation’s workforce for the future.”

The Laboratory, a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in strategic science to address national security priorities, acquired the 1000+ qubit D-Wave 2X quantum computer in 2015. Now, with on-premises access to more than 2000 qubits on the D-Wave 2000Q system, Los Alamos researchers and partners can leverage its advanced hardware, features, and functionality, such as faster performance, improved annealing controls, and the ability to embed and solve larger and more complex problems.

Los Alamos will have the option to upgrade to D-Wave’s upcoming next-generation architecture and state-of-the-art quantum computing platform, which will encompass a new topology, more qubits, and lower noise, and will feature expanded software and tools.

To date, Los Alamos and its research collaborators have built over 60 early quantum applications and conducted essential research in domains ranging from quantum mechanics, linear algebra, computer science, and machine learning, to earth science, biochemistry, sociology, and more.

In addition to Los Alamos’ research collaborators, the D-Wave 2000Q quantum computer will be available for use by graduate and undergraduate students at their annual Quantum Computing Summer School Fellowship, an immersive 10-week curriculum that includes tutorials from world-leading experts in quantum computing, as well as mentoring from Los Alamos staff scientists who are conducting cutting-edge research.

Los Alamos is a global leader in high performance computing and continues to pioneer the application of new architectures to solve critical problems. Their collaborative work with D-Wave has opened the door for universities and leading researchers across the country to use our quantum computer for vital research and application development,” said Vern Brownell, D-Wave CEO. “This upgrade highlights our mutual commitment to equip scientists with the latest technology to solve the most pressing research questions of today, and to accelerate the identification and development of practical commercial quantum applications.”

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