TACC to power HSM Archives with Quantum Corp Tape Libraries

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Today Quantum Corp. announced the Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC) has selected Quantum StorNext as their archive file system, with a Quantum Scalar i6000 tape library providing dedicated Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM).

Our ability to archive data is vital to TACC’s success, and the combination of StorNext as our archive file system managing Quantum hybrid storage, Scalar tape and our DDN primary disk will enable us to meet our commitments to the talented researchers who depend on TACC now and in the future,” said Tommy Minyard, Director of Advanced Computing at TACC.

Tackling the Archive Challenge for Scientific Data

TACC designs and operates some of the world’s most powerful computing resources. The center’s mission is to enable discoveries that advance science and society through the application of advanced computing technologies. TACC’s environment includes a comprehensive cyberinfrastructure ecosystem of leading-edge resources in high performance computing (HPC), visualization, data analysis, storage, archive, cloud, data-driven computing, connectivity, tools, APIs, algorithms, consulting, and software. TACC experts work with thousands of researchers on more than 3,000 projects each year.

Researchers from around the globe leverage TACC’s computing resources for projects that span pure research and include partnerships with industry, generating an enormous volume of data which must be archived and accessible for future use. The Quantum system combined with DDN SFA14KX primary storage replaces TACC’s original Oracle solution for migrating files to and from tape archive. The new system will utilize LTO technologies, taking an open approach to archive which is designed for future growth without the limitations of proprietary tape.

TACC’s focus on constant innovation creates an environment that places tremendous stress on storage and Quantum has long been at the forefront in managing solutions that meet the most extreme reliability, accessibility and massive scalability requirements,” said Eric Bassier, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Quantum. “Combining Scalar tape with StorNext data management capabilities creates an HSM solution that is capable of delivering under the demanding conditions of the TACC environment.”

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