How Deep Learning Could Predict Weather Events

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In this video from GTC 2019, Seongchan Kim, Ph.D. from KISTI presents: How Deep Learning Could Predict Weather Events.

How do meteorologists predict weather or weather events such as hurricanes, typhoons, and heavy rain? Predicting weather events were done based on supercomputer (HPC) simulations using numerical models such as WRF, UM, and MPAS. But recently, many deep learning-based researches have been showing various kinds of outstanding results. We’ll introduce several case studies related to meteorological researches. We’ll also describe how the meteorological tasks are different from general deep learning tasks, their detailed approaches, and their input data such as weather radar images and satellite images. We’ll also cover typhoon detection and tracking, rainfall amount prediction, forecasting future cloud figure, and more.

The Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KISTI) is a government-funded research institute designed to maximize the efficiency of science and technology R&D and support high-tech R&D for researchers. Since 1962, KISTI has played a role of National Science & Technology Information Center to provide information that researchers need to enhance the national competitiveness as a specialized science & technology research institute supported by the government.

This talk was presented on behalf of Sa-Kwang Song from KISTI.

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