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Video: Submer Technology for HPC Immersion Cooling

In this video, Diarmoid Daltún from Submer and Daniele Rispoli from ClusterVision describe how Immersion Cooling applies to HPC installations including the benefits, challenges, economics, practicality, and more.

We are a cleantech company that designs, builds and installs Liquid Immersion cooling solutions for HPC, hyperscaler, datacenters, Edge, AI, deep learning and blockchain applications. Set apart by its modular design, our technology is the most practical, resilient, eco-friendly and highly efficient Immersion Cooling solution.

Submer was founded in 2015 by Daniel Pope and Pol Valls to make operating and constructing datacenters more sustainable. Daniel and Pol wanted to start a new chapter in datacenter industry history, by designing and developing the next generation of physical server rack platforms for hyperscale, high-performance, and conventional datacenter computing environment.


At Submer, we use either a special vegetable-based dielectric coolant, or a synthetic dielectric coolant, both specifically crafted for Immersion Cooling. One of the biggest advantages about our coolant is that its not mineral-based and is naturally bio-degradable if accidentally freed into the environment. We’re very proud of using a green and totally hazardous-free biodegradable coolant in comparison to our competitors.

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