Call for Presentations: MVAPICH User Group in August

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The 7th annual MVAPICH User Group (MUG) meeting has issued its Call for Presentations. MUG will take place from August 19-21, 2019 in Columbus, Ohio.

MUG aims to bring together MVAPICH2 users, researchers, developers, and system administrators to share their experience and knowledge and learn from each other. The event includes keynote talks, invited tutorials, invited talks, contributed presentations, open MIC session, hands-on sessions with MVAPICH developers, etc. This year, we will be holding special tutorials and demo/hands-on session during the first day of the event (August 19th.) Other talks and sessions will be held on August 20-21.

MUG invites users to submit short, contributed presentations on the following topics:

  • Case studies and best practices of novel applications from different application domains, such as astronomy, bioinformatics, biology, earth and atmospheric sciences, fluid dynamics, materials science and engineering, medicine, physics, machine learning and deep learning
  • Performance and scalability studies of applications on large-scale systems
  • Special tuning and optimization strategies to exploit maximum performance and scalability
  • Tools and code instrumentation for measuring and monitoring performance and/or resilience
  • Tools for parallel program development (e.g., debuggers and integrated development environments)
  • Unique usage scenarios such as GPGPUs, Xeons, Xeon Phis, FPGAs, PGAS, Energy-Awareness, Virtualization, etc.

As a highlight this year, MUG will be offering Student Travel Grants through NSF.

MUG features a set of talks from experts in the field, presentations from the MVAPICH2 team on tuning and optimization strategies for various components, trouble shooting guidelines, contributed presentations, and more. Speakers include:

  • Dan Stanzione, Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC)
  • Robert Harrison, ICAS (Stony Brook) and CSC (Brookhaven)
  • Gene Cooperman, Northeastern University
  • Hyon-Wook Jin Konkuk University (South Korea)
  • Jithin Jose, Microsoft Azure
  • Pramod Kumbhar, Blue Brain Project, EPFL (Switzerland)
  • Vikram Saletore, Intel
  • Jeffrey Salmond, University of Cambridge (United Kingdom)
  • Gilad Shainer Mellanox
  • Sameer Shende, Paratools and University of Oregon
  • Sayantan Sur, Intel
  • Mahidhar Tatineni, San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC)

The MUG program includes the following Tutorials and Demos

  • A tutorial from ARM on advanced features of ARM Forge
  • A tutorial from IBM on advanced features of the OpenPOWER Architecture
  • A tutorial from Mellanox focusing on the upcoming technologies, schemes, and techniques to be made available in next-generation Mellanox adapters and switches for Exascale systems
  • How to Boost the Performance and Scalability of Your HPC and AI Applications with MVAPICH2 Libraries

Submissions are due July 1, 2019.

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