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Young people looking to further their careers in HPC are encouraged to sign up for the ISC STEM Student Day program. As part of the ISC High Performance Conference coming to Frankfurt in June, this program offers undergraduate and graduate students an early insight into the field of high performance computing as well as an opportunity to meet the important players in the sector.

The ISC STEM Student Day & Gala will be held on Wednesday, June 19, kicking off with a morning tutorial on HPC Applications, Systems, and Programming Models, delivered by Dr. Bernd Mohr, a senior scientist at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre. Other key elements of the program include a tour of the exhibition, the Wednesday keynote address delivered by Dr. Thomas Sterling, and the HPC career fair and networking dinner in the evening.

Interested applicants are encouraged to sign up through the website as soon as possible. Those accepted will receive free admission to the program as well as the Wednesday conference.

The current applicants are enrolled in various degree programs, including meteorology, physics, computer science, computer engineering, mathematics, biosciences, biochemistry, machine learning, computational physics, automation engineering, biology, chemistry, climate science, engineering cybernetics, business IT, and molecular biotechnology.

Every employer in the HPC sector hopes to find qualified workforce, but many STEM graduates are not entering high performance computing, as they aren’t all that aware of the career opportunities in this field,” said Nages Sieslack, ISC Communications Manager. “As conference organizers, it is our hope to enable more students to experience the conference and the HPC community. Besides providing them free registration, networking opportunities, meals and career advice, we hope to help them achieve a realistic impression of this challenging field.”

Organizations looking for talent to hire or universities considering candidates for their postgraduate degree programs benefit from being a part of the ISC STEM Student Day & Gala. If you are interested in the attendee demographics or sponsoring the ISC STEM Day & Gala, please contact

Registration is now open for ISC 2019, which takes place June 16-20 in Frankfurt, Germany.

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