Video: High Performance Computing on the Google Cloud Platform

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In this video from Google Cloud Next, Jagan Cuddapah and Eric Poon present: High Performance Computing on GCP: Deploy an HPC Cluster Now.

High performance computing is all about scale and speed. And when you’re backed by Google Cloud’s powerful and flexible infrastructure, you can solve problems faster, reduce queue times for large batch workloads, and relieve compute resource limitations. In this session, we’ll discuss why GCP is a great platform to run high-performance computing workloads. We’ll present best practices, architectural patterns, and how PSO can help your journey. We’ll conclude by demo’ing the deployment of an autoscaling batch system in GCP.

Google is citing an number of case studies of HPC customers accelerating insights with the power of the GCP networking and storage infrastructure. Build your own supercomputer using the latest Intel processors, NVIDIA GPUs, and Cloud TPUs with high-throughput, low-latency object and file storage.

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