Airbus: Innovating the Future of Flight with HPC

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Gerd Buttner from Airbus

In this video from the Swiss HPC ConferenceGerd Buttner from Airbus presents: Innovating the Future of Flight.

As a proven leader in the global aerospace sector, Airbus designs, produces and delivers innovative solutions with the aim to create a better-connected, safer and more prosperous world. These cutting-edge products and services – which span the commercial aircraft, helicopter, defence, security and space segments – benefit our wide-ranging expertise and continued emphasis on innovation.

Moving forward, Airbus recently announced the the Airbus Quantum Computing Challenge. The Challenge aims to deliver solutions to aerospace flight physics problems by looking at opportunities to test and assess the newly available computing capabilities to solve some of our hardest and most complex problems, and thus further legitimise and fuel progress of this technology.

Gerd Buttner is a Scientific Computing Architect at Airbus. Start HPC activities more than 20 years ago with ccNUMA architectures (HP V-Class and Superdomes). Deploy first small distributed Cluster based on X86 architecture (AMD) in 2001 at Airbus. Leading the HPC harmonization projects and activities up to 2014 in Airbus. In this frame deployment of the first HP HPC container solution in Europe 2008. Since 2015 working in R&T to discover / develop new solutions for Airbus. HPC Roadmap Lead at Airbus.

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