Video: The Kokkos C++ Performance Portability EcoSystem for Exascale

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Christian Trott from Sandia

In this video from the GPU Technology Conference, Christian Trott from Sandia National Laboratories presents: The Kokkos C++ Performance Portability EcoSystem.

The Kokkos C++ Performance Portability EcoSystem is a production-level solution for writing modern C++ applications in a hardware-agnostic way. The ecosystem is part of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project, a national effort to prepare the HPC community for the next generation of supercomputing platforms. We’ll give an overview of what the Kokkos EcoSystem provides, including its programming model, math kernels library, tools, and training resources. We’ll provide success stories for Kokkos adoption in large production applications on the leading supercomputing platforms in the U.S. We’ll focus particularly on early results from two of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, Summit and Sierra, both powered by NVIDIA Tesla V100 GPUs. We will also describe how the Kokkos EcoSystem anticipates the next generation of architectures and share early experiences of using NVSHMEM incorporated into Kokkos.”

Christian Trott is a Principal Member Of Technical Staff at Sandia National Laboratories. He is a high performance computing expert with exceptional experience in designing and implementing scientific software for GPU and ManyCore architectures. Lead of the Kokkos C++ Performance Portability Programming Model development team. Member of the ISO C++ Standards Committee focusing on future C++ capabilities for parallel and heterogeneous computing. His prior scientific work focused on computational material research using ab-initio calculations, molecular dynamic simulations and monte carlo methods for investigations of ion-conducting glass materials.

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Christian Trott from Sandia