European HPC Datacenters step up with Asperitas Immersive Cooling at ISC 2019

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Immersed Computing solution provider Asperitas is partnering with HPC datacenters in Europe to provide liquid-cooled, high-density compute solutions. At ISC 2019 in Frankfurt next week, Asperitas will showcase three of such partnerships, with coolDC (UK), Bytesnet (NL) and Cloudnautic (DE).

The Immersed Computing technology developed by Asperitas offers benefits throughout the full datacenter value chain, from massive floorspace reduction, construction simplicity, practical no overhead energy up to high heat reuse potential. Asperitas is aiming to make use of the full potential of the technology with the HPC datacenter provider partnerships.

For HPC users, Asperitas is offering fully integrated high density compute solutions for CPU and GPU workloads designed, optimized, and certified for immersion together with partners like Boston Limited. All solutions provided by Asperitas can be warm water cooled and offer 100% of IT energy ready for reuse.

HPC datacentre partners include:

  • Bytesnet is a datacenter provider with two locations in The Netherlands offering a liquid cooled facility in Groningen which is energy efficient, capable of housing high density compute and there is the opportunity to connect to several heat reuse possibilities locally with district heating developments in the area. Bytesnet is offering HPC as a service to public and private organisations with their consortium partners including Asperitas.
  • Cloudnautic is a datacenter provider to be launched in the second half of 2019, in Germany. Fully focused on HPC and specifically on AI applications. The modular facility design is based on Immersed Computing and will be supplied with wind generated renewable power from a local wind farm. Energy storage services will provide backup power and with heat reuse possibilities nearby Cloudnautic is aiming to achieve one of the most efficient and sustainable datacentres in Germany. For HPC users from the German industry their facility could offer a real alternative to the Nordics.
  • coolDC is a newly built datacentwe provider located in the Lincoln Science and Technology Park with a design fully based on liquid cooling and with an Immersed Computing system deployed already for one of their customers. coolDC recently won several awards for their energy efficiency and sustainability achievements including a European Code of Conduct award.

Asperitas is co-lead of the Advanced Cooling Solutions workgroup (part of Rack and Power) in the Open Compute Project (OCP) community and leading the immersion cooling activities since 2018. This workgroup has published a whitepaper with the first industry guidelines and standards on immersion cooling.

Visit the Asperitas booth #C1155 at ISC 2019 in Frankfurt.

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