Video: Qumulo Steps Up with High Performance Distributed File System

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Molly Presley from Qumulo

In this slidecast, Molly Presley from Qumulo describes how the company’s distributed file system delivers real time performance for a host of HPC and AI applications.

Scientific computing and imaging generate tremendous amounts of file data. Whether they’re involved with 3D medical imaging, electron microscopy or models of natural phenomena, researchers are using ever more complex simulations and images of higher and higher resolution to make their breakthroughs. Research organizations need a storage system that can handle billions of files, maintain high performance so compute resources aren’t starved of data, and give insight into the data itself. Qumulo delivers it all, from being able to scale to billions of files, to great performance and real-time analytics.”

Qumulo offers the freedom to store, manage, and access file-based data in any operating environment, at petabyte and global scale. Qumulo offers the only storage system designed to cost-effectively manage the volume and geographic dispersion of today’s technology, both on-premises and in the public cloud.

Today’s enterprises are in dire need of solutions designed to take advantage of the power and flexibility of the cloud,” says Molly Presley, Global Product Marketing Dire. “Qumulo is designed from the ground up to unleash both the cloud and a growing range of on-premises computing. When coupled with industry leading personalized support, customer success and ease of use, Qumulo delivers a truly modern hybrid cloud storage solution. I am excited to be part of bringing the benefits of this game-changing technology to users around the globe.”Before building their file system, Qumulo conducted thousands of interviews of data storage users.

Qumulo’s solutions are available on its own branded storage servers, on third-party hardware from companies like HPE and Dell and natively on AWS in the public cloud. Its solutions are designed from the ground up to meet today’s requirements for scale, offering the highest-performance file storage system for data centers and the public cloud.

Visit Qumulo at booth #H-615 this week at ISC 2019 in Frankfurt.

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