Exploring Bright Cluster Manager on NVIDIA DGX Systems

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AI and hpc

Today’s artificial intelligence (AI) and data science workloads are becoming more and more demanding. The compute requirements of these workloads are massive, and resources must be managed seamlessly across the HPC cluster. A new white paper from Bright Computing highlights how NVIDIA DGX Servers managed by Bright Cluster Manager can provide “the enhanced technology and support for today’s most demanding AI workloads.”

Bright cluster manager

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Most companies and enterprises cannot afford to ignore AI — at this point, it’s becoming an essential business and research tool to stay competitive. Some of the latest deep learning (DL) and machine learning (ML) solutions include real-time fraud detection, accelerated drug discovery, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality and more.

Yes, these capabilities seem exciting, but the implications for computing are immense. In fact, the report asserts, “they are the most demanding workloads in modern computing history.” These AI workloads put significant strain on traditional IT infrastructure.

The report explores a possible solution. One approach to AI/DL management is deploying a shared infrastructure that is owned and managed by IT.

For a growing number of companies operating in the AI arena, clusters of high-performance NVIDIA DGX servers delivered as a service and managed by Bright Cluster Manager provide the advanced technology and support they need,” the report states.

According to the report, for both DGX POD and DGX servers added to existing clusters, the combined power of the DGX system with Bright Cluster Manager leads to:

  • Faster time to value for your AI projects
  • Bigger AI projects and larger models through effective DGX clustering
  • Reduced complexity, reduced administrative burden, and maximum resource utilization
  • Flexibility and extensibility, from desk to data center to cloud

There’s no doubt about it, AI has moved into the mainstream, and is no longer used only by “elite members of scientific organizations.” It can be necessary to derive value from your largest data sets. Bright Computing points out that as larger and more heterogeneous user groups adopt AI and deep learning technologies, management and maintenance of the AI/DL environment is going to become even more complex, costly and challenging.

The new white paper explores in full how NVIDIA DGX and Bright Cluster Manager can deliver:

  • The value of AI and DL, with less complexity and seamless control
  • Support for a wide range of HPC use cases
  • Simplified management
  • GPU-accelerated containers

Download the new report, “Realize the Massive Potential of Your AI Infrastructure with Bright Computing and NVIDIA,” courtesy of Bright Computing, to explore how NVIDIA DGX and Bright Cluster Manager are designed to deliver more of what AI infrastructure users need.