Globus Integrates with Box Cloud Content Management

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Today the Globus research data management service announced the general availability of Globus for Box, a new solution for seamlessly connecting Box with an organization’s existing research storage ecosystem.

With the Globus for Box connector, researchers can easily move and share data stored in Box using the same Globus interface they use to access other storage systems, enhancing collaboration and the ability to fulfill data management plans requirements.

Researchers increasingly leverage large datasets and collaborate across regions and organizations. Globus’s integration enables them to leverage Box’s enterprise cloud content management solution to collaborate securely on that content,” said Andrew Keating, Managing Director of Education, Box. “At Box, we’re squarely focused on enabling a best-of-breed cloud ecosystem for our customers. I’m especially pleased that Globus’s integration is now available to Box customers, alongside over 1400 others, and look forward to hearing more about the groundbreaking research this will enable.”

The Globus for Box connector broadens the value of a Box deployment by optimizing Box utilization and expanding data-centric research collaboration. With Globus for Box, users can connect Box with other storage systems like including campus clusters, supercomputers, lab servers, scientific instruments, archival storage, or other cloud storage resources.

The Box connector is a valuable addition to our Globus subscription, since it will let our users easily plug Box into their existing ecosystem of research data storage systems,” said Doug Johnson, chief systems architect and HPC systems group manager, Ohio Supercomputer Center.

“Organizations rely on Globus to meet data management plan requirements, such as data distribution and embargoed access,” said Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus head of products. “Globus enables a broad network of connected systems for reliably accessing stored data and making it available to others. With Box support, we are now able to offer a more complete solution for data management by expanding that network to include Box.”

Globus is used by many thousands of people worldwide for efficient, secure, and reliable research data management. All that’s required is a standard Internet connection to initiate data sharing or transfers or any size, from anywhere to anywhere, using any web browser. Globus provides instant access to tens of thousands of storage endpoints, including all XSEDE systems as well as systems at 82% of U.S. Department of Energy labs and 78% of leading research universities.

Globus for Box can be installed and configured in minutes, and subscribers can integrate Box into their own workflows and applications using the REST APIs provided by the Globus platform.

Globus will be demonstrating the new Box connector at the PEARC19 conference next week in Chicago.

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