HPC Goes Green at Goonhilly Earth Station with Submer Immersive Cooling

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Liquid cooling vendro Submer Technologies is partnering with the Goonhilly Earth Station and 2CRSI to bring the latest, high-performance computing environments to “The Edge of Space.”

On July 18th, Goonhilly Earth Station will launch a commercial datacenter with a focus on HPC applications to help their customers perform research and process data as close to the source as possible. And the 100% renewable energy platform at Goonhilly will allow companies to achieve their technology objectives while boosting their green energy and carbon neutral credentials. Taken together, these qualifications make Goonhilly the ultimate Edge location – sitting at the only point in the world where earth, space, and internet meet.

As an innovator in hyper-efficient immersion cooling technology, Submer Technologies is partnering with Goonhilly and 2CRSI – a leading international provider of HPC server hardware – to provide HPC solutions with higher performance at less than half the energy consumption of traditional datacenters. A SmartPod immersion cooling system installed on-site will be running CPU and GPU-intensive simulations using HPC servers provided by 2CRSI using the latest Nvidia and AMD chipsets to showcase the future of datacenters during a series of special events over the next several months.

Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd is the company that acquired the famous Goonhilly satellite station from BT in 2014. Founded by entrepreneur and satellite communications engineer, Ian Jones, the company was formed in order to realize the huge potential at the site. With a vision to create a multi-faceted space hub, Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd is forging ahead in a number of commercial and scientific endeavors.

The Goonhilly site has a long and rich history as a center of communication. Ancient standing stones placed there eons ago still mark boundaries and important locations. And not only is this site home to the UK space tracking and communications center used during the Apollo Moon Missions, it’s still a major satellite receiving station and the landing spot for trans-Atlantic internet cables serving the UK and all of Europe.

In this video, Submer co-founder Pol Valls Soler describes the company’s immersive cooling technologies for HPC.

We believe that our digital world can be safer, more efficient, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly. Submer Technologies is solving the biggest problems of datacenter, supercomputer, hyperscale, and edge applications to make that future possible. The SmartPod Immersion Cooling System is the first step on that journey. Launched in 2015, their multinational team has a passion to create these next-generation platforms.

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