Atos delivers Quantum-Learning-as-a-Service to Xofia for Big Data Challenges

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Today Atos announced the delivery of Quantum-Learning-as-a-Service (QLaaS) to Xofia to help develop quantum-powered artificial intelligence solutions for the enterprise.

Xofia and Atos are fostering the development of quantum software, and our work aims to provide the enterprise with insights, value and a competitive advantage,” said Carlos Sanmiguel, Lead Visionary, Xofia.

Xofia is a startup based in Houston that combines artificial intelligence with quantum-based algorithms to implement problem-solving strategies to create a futuristic platform for the enterprise. Engaging Atos’ QLaaS model, Xofia’s research and development team will access a remote Atos Quantum Learning Machine, a stand-alone appliance that provides access to an evolutive quantum programming environment and simulates the behavior of any kind of quantum computing technology. Atos will also support Xofia’s efforts by providing quantum consulting, training and system administration services.

Our collaboration with Xofia is part of our strategy to support a large ecosystem of startups in the quantum computing field. With Xofia we will help create quantum-powered AI solutions that have scalability, high performance and the ultimate power of simulation that is needed to solve future big data challenges that are inevitable within the enterprise,” said Ludovic Sauvage, Head of Big Data, High Performance and Quantum Computing, Atos North America.

Xofia’s quantum-based algorithms already support two main use cases for which Atos’ QLaaS will aid:

  • Energy: The compression of big data in reservoir management significantly reduces the number of features that are part of the reservoir analysis, resulting in patterns that could oversimplify the risk or potential of a reservoir. Xofia aims to reduce this oversimplification by developing quantum algorithms that can have a more comprehensive feature selection and more accurate pattern matching.
  • Healthcare: Xofia aims to bridge the gap between accurate and affordable image processing by developing and implementing quantum-based algorithms and quantum simulations that can reduce the cost and time of image processing. Quantum Image Processing can be the key to reduce the complexity of image processing and reduce the
    market distortion for a more democratic and decentralized access.

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