Chapel Comes of Age: a Language for Productivity, Parallelism, and Performance

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In this video from HPCKP’19, Brad Chamberlain from Cray presents: Chapel Comes of Age: a Language for Productivity, Parallelism, and Performance.

Chapel is a programming language that supports productive, general-purpose  parallel computing at scale. Chapel’s approach can be thought of as striving to combine the strengths of approaches like Python, Fortran, C, C++, MPI, and OpenMP, yet in a single, attractive language.  Though Chapel has been under development for some time now, its performance and feature  set have only recently reached the point where it can seriously be considered by users with HPC-scale scientific, data analytic, and  artificial intelligence workloads. In this talk, I will introduce Chapel for those who are new to the language, and cover recent advances, milestones, and performance results for those who are already familiar with it.

Brad Chamberlain is a Principal Engineer at Cray Inc. in Seattle, WA and an Affiliate Faculty member in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the University of Washington. His research interests center around parallel computation, particularly with respect to programming languages, compilers, algorithms, applications, and scalability. Most of his current work centers around the design and implementation of the Chapel parallel programming language.

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