Singularity Enterprise to Accelerate Adoption of Containers with Cryptographically Verifiable Trust

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Today Sylabs announced that Singularity Enterprise is now generally available as a self-hosted offering, making it faster and easier for businesses to adopt containerization across their production environments. In private beta since April of this year, Singularity Enterprise has grabbed the attention of DevOps and IT infrastructure teams at leading businesses and government organizations for expediting containerized workloads from development into production.

The message from our early adopters and emerging prospects has been consistent and clear: they overwhelmingly seek services that ensure a seamless transition from proof-of-concepts to production,” said Sylabs CEO and founder Gregory Kurtzer. “Singularity Enterprise enhances the prospects for success by enabling teams to rapidly deliver production deployments. The flexibility granted through self-hosting is allowing our customers to deploy Singularity Enterprise on their own terms – in their on premise datacenters, in private clouds, and even hybrid cloud configurations.”

In a recent survey of nearly 90,000 software developers, Stack Overflow found 54% are using containers today. However, when it comes to production use, this number plummets by about half to 26%. As developers are making use of containers in their development (38%) and testing (30%) workflows, it is clear that the transition to production is fraught with challenges.

While the initial investment for evaluating containers is small, IT organizations need a comprehensive set of services to create, secure, and share containers that will ultimately be successful in delivering production deployments. Singularity Enterprise provides the following services to help organizations deploy a production solution efficiently:

  • Remote Builder, which developers can use to build containers in the Singularity Image Format (SIF) without requiring privileged access on shared resources. The resulting SIF files can be cryptographically signed, and subsequently have their authenticity and integrity verified whenever and wherever they are used.
  • Container Library, which allows SIF files to be shared, while also maintaining a versioned history to satisfy audit requirements.
  • Keystore, which allows users to easily exchange key material used by Singularity to create and verify digital signatures in SIF files. This allows users to verify image integrity and provenance without the need for a complicated supporting infrastructure.

Singularity Enterprise is immediately available directly from Sylabs and its partners. It is packaged with the SingularityPRO software to ensure that containerization can be easily and securely adopted across the enterprise.

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